If you’ve visited MSON’s homepage recently, you may have noticed our new video, “Defining Moments in Online Learning.” When MSON first launched, our website featured a video addressing questions and concerns of the time:

  • What are the benefits of online learning?
  • What technology does it require?
  • How does it compare to in-person learning experiences?

Ten years later, our logo is different, Zoom is ubiquitous, and our community members have different questions.

MSON member schools know that the synchronous aspect of MSON classes is a critical differentiator and integral to the community ethos of our courses. New students, however, may have the misperception that online learning is inherently boring or impersonal. But we know better! The new video highlights defining features of MSON courses:

  • Challenging, interactive projects
  • Expanded community across schools
  • Relevant, real-world connections
  • Engaging and supportive teachers
  • Collaborative, real-time conversations
  • Exposure to college and career pursuits

The video is an excellent starting place for students curious about MSON classes.

Check it out below!