The MSON Difference

MSON is the premier online education program for independent schools

Real-Time Classes

Learning happens through relationships

We bring students together from across the United States into regular, bi-weekly seminars where everyone is seen and heard at all times. Students and teachers join class during their school days via video conferencing systems built into their school classrooms. Outside of class, students may watch their teachers’ instructional videos, perform lab experiments, or read, so that they come to seminar prepared to discuss, debate, and collaborate. Students forge real relationships with teachers and students in other schools and gain experiences that prepare them for college and the workplace.

The MSON program is such an amazing opportunity to connect with people across the country in a virtual classroom.

— MSON Student

Advanced Electives

Capstone Experiences Go Beyond the Curriculum

For many intellectually curious students, MSON courses present their only opportunity to go beyond the AP or explore a new field of inquiry. A student might add a two-year MSON Arabic sequence as a third language. Another might advance to Multivariable Calculus or chose to explore the field of Philosophy. MSON schools are known in their areas for their ability to offer these kinds of classes.

Expert Teachers

Independent School Faculty Teach to Their Passions

The MSON faculty demonstrates the best of independent school instruction; they value small class sizes, personal relationships and promote critical thinking and analysis. All teachers are employed by our member schools and chosen to develop their own courses through a selective process. MSON teachers receive support from the Dean of Instruction in the spring before the year they start and attend the Annual Workshop at Stanford for training and preparation.

Consortium Model

Strong Ties Unite Our Schools

All MSON schools received funding from the Malone Family Foundation for scholarships because of their commitment to serving highly capable students. MSON draws on the resources of each member school, including leadership from Maret School, Hopkins School, and the Stanford Online High School. A true consortium, schools pay a yearly membership fee for course seats and may enroll more students if one of their faculty teaches an MSON course.

Advanced Students

Courses Designed for Intellectually Curious
Juniors and Seniors

MSON students must have demonstrated the academic drive, intellectual curiosity, independence, and time management to succeed in our college style seminars. Our students choose to challenge themselves with an MSON course because they have exhausted the curricula at their schools or hold a passion for a subject area they wish to explore.

Thank you for showing me cool stuff about gravity and speed and particles and quantum mechanics, but most of all, thank you for keeping the nerd dream alive.

— MSON Student