Building Dialogue

Building Dialogue Across Political Differences:

Strategies for Engaged Learning

The Power of Dialogue

The Thanks for Listening Podcast
Ep. 2

Learn how adolescents are uniquely situated to build their capacity for dialogue, and listen to three students explain how they enlarged their capacity for dialogue through the Can We?” Project.


Communicate and discuss the behaviors and attitudes that exemplify a dialogue mindset.

Develop a common language for identifying and understanding different stages of the thinking process.

Engage students in distinguishing between different forms of communicative interaction


Narrative 4: The Power and Impact of Empathy in Action

Watch students from different regions of the United States build empathy for one another through a story exchange.

The Rider & the Elephant

Listen to Jonathan Haidt explain the importance of persuading the elephant in order to convince the rider, as well as the benefits of choosing curiosity mode over combat mode in political and other discourse moments. 

Resources for Balanced Research & Civic Engagement

AllSides Media Solutions company that provides news from left, center, and right, instructional tools for increasing students’ media literacy through media bias ratings, and online civil dialogue programs.

Close Up Foundation nonprofit organization offering classroom resources on civic engagement and issue-centered education, in addition to experiential and virtual learning programs.

Heterodox Academy nonpartisan nonprofit providing tools and resources for promoting open inquiry and viewpoint diversity across educational institutions.


Third Thought: Initiatives for Civic Engagement – A hub for youth-led initiatives focused on viewpoint diversity, civic engagement, and creative collaboration.

Narrative 4 – Learn how to shatter preconceived ideas, develop empathy, and build community through the process of story exchange.