Our Teachers

MSON teachers are grounded in independent school education and share a commitment to excellence, small class sizes, and personal relationships. They are experts in their fields; many have taught at the college level. They are invited to develop MSON courses through a selective process. MSON teachers prepare their courses throughout the spring and summer with support from the MSON Dean of Instruction and attend a multi-day training at Stanford University.


Meet Our Teachers

Farha Abubaker

Courses: Arabic I & II
School: Hopkins School

John Aden

Course: Diversity in a Global Comparative Perspective
School: Canterbury

Susan Conley

Course: Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop

John French

Course: Wartime Dissent in American History
School: Prairie

Stephanie Hogan

Course: Positive Psychology
School: Waynflete

Ellen Johnson

Course: Making Ethical Medical Choices in a Diverse World & Environmental Bioethics
School: Wilmington Friends

Michael Leary

Course: Are We Rome?
School: Derryfield

Lan Lin

Course: Chinese V
School: Hopkins

Carrie Lopez

Course: CSI: MSON
School: Trinity Prep

Julia Maxey

Courses: Creative Writing in the Digital Age
School: Severn

David Nassar

Course: Multivariable Calculus
School: Winchester Thurston School

Jay Noland

Course: A Mathematical Approach to Social Justice
School: Mounds Park

Linda Rodriguez

Course: A Nation Divided: The Literature of Civil Rights in the Modern US
School: St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Lindley Shutz

Course: The American Food System: Past, Present, Future
School: Derryfield

Briana Titus

Course: Ancient Greek I
School: Casady

Geoff Wagg

Course: Political Identity, American Democracy, and Civic Engagement
School: Waynflete

Joseph Addison

Course: Native American Literature
School: Hopkins

Mary Ellen Carsley

Courses: Building Utopia
School: Severn

J.D. DeVaughn-Brown

Course: Data Structures and Design Patterns
School: Chadwick

Benson Hawk

Course: Sugar, Tobacco, Iron, and Silicon: An Economic History of the United States
School: Newark Academy

Dan Jacobs

Course: Think Global, Debate Local
School: Roeper

Joyce Lazier

Courses: Making Ethical Medical Choices in a Diverse World & Philosophy in Pop Culture
School: Canterbury

Page Lennig

Course: Explorations In Computer Science: Solving Multidisciplinary Problems With Computational Methods
School: Wayneflete

Joshua Link

Course: Multivariable Calculus
School: Maret

Dean Masullo

Course: Bob Dylan’s America
School: US Nashville

Julien H. Meyer III

Course: Advanced Math Topics: Finance, Advanced Macroeconomics
School: Severn

Kaveh Niazi

Course: Arabic I
School: Stanford OHS

Jocelyn Rodgers

Courses: Intro to Organic Chemistry & Advanced Topics in Chemistry
School: Maret

David Seward

Course: Etymology of Scientific Terms
School: Winchester Thurston

Ben Taylor

Course: Einstein’s Relativity and the Evolution of the Quantum Model
School: Hopkins

Weslie Wald

Courses: Advanced Spanish Linguistics & Advanced Spanish Through Film and Literature
School: Indian Springs

Audrey Yaeger

Course: Genetics and Genomics
School: Manlius Pebble

Carrie Lopez


Mary Ellen Carsley

Building Utopia

Benson Hawk

Sugar, Tobacco, Iron and Silicon

Dan Jacobs

Think Global, Debate Local

Julien Meyer

MSON Microeconomics

Julien Meyer

Advanced Math through Finance

In Their Words

Our teachers describe their courses.

Jocelyn Rodgers

Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Jocelyn Rodgers

Advanced Topics in Chemistry

Joseph Addison

Native American Literature

I’m grateful to have had class with students from around the country to help better see why people view diversity the way they do and a teacher to help guide us through.
- MSON Student