Our Teachers

MSON teachers are grounded in independent school education and share a commitment to excellence, small class sizes, and personal relationships. They are experts in their fields; many have taught at the college level. Teachers are invited to develop MSON courses through a selective process. They prepare their courses throughout the spring and summer with support from the Dean of Instruction and attend a multi-day training at Stanford University.

I’m grateful to have had class with students from around the country to help better see why people view diversity the way they do and a teacher to help guide us through.
— MSON Student

Meet Our Teachers

John Aden

Course: Diversity in a Global Comparative Perspective
School: Chadwick School

Jon Gray

Course: Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus
School: Indian Springs School

Dan Jacobs

Course: Think Global, Debate Local
School: Roeper

Joyce Lazier

Courses: Making Ethical Medical Choices in a Diverse World & Philosophy in Pop Culture
School: Canterbury

Julien H. Meyer

Course: Advanced Economics I (Fall) and Advanced Economics II
School: Severn School

Valerie Prado
Course: German I
School: St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
Linda Rodriguez

Course: A Nation Divided: The Literature of Civil Rights in the Modern US
School: St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Jason Zencka
Course: Watching the Watchmen: The Role of Detective Narratives in a Carceral Culture
School: Manlius Pebble Hill School
George Flatau
Course: The Science and Ethics of Sports Performance: Genetics, Biochemistry, and Sociology
School: University School of Nashville
Stephanie Hogan

Course: Positive Psychology
School: Waynflete

Ellen Johnson

Course: Making Ethical Medical Choices in a Diverse World & Environmental Bioethics
School: Wilmington Friends

Carrie Lopez

Course: CSI: MSON
School: Trinity Prep

Grace Pei

Course: Chinese Seminar
School: St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Jocelyn Rodgers

Courses: Intro to Organic Chemistry & Advanced Topics in Chemistry
School: Maret

Steve Young

Course: Data Structures and Design Patterns
School: The Derryfield School

Carrie Lopez


Dan Jacobs

Think Global, Debate Local

Julien Meyer

MSON Microeconomics

Julien Meyer

Advanced Math through Finance