When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, several of MSON’s courses “met the moment.” Our Positive Psychology class, taught by Blake Keogh at Waynflete School in Portland, ME, created “Positivity Press,” a website featuring resources such as “Coping During COVID,” “Positivity During a Pandemic,” and “Skills Without Screens.” The eight students, representing different US cities including Oklahoma City, OK, Annapolis, MD, and Jackson, MS, brainstormed what a new final assessment might look like and came up with the collaborative effort. They write, “Even though we are all from different states, this class has connected us and helped us realize the importance of positivity and the value in sharing what we have learned with others.” Some of the students shared the resource with their own schools, demonstrating the power of an MSON experience in permeating communities across the country. Check it out!