MSON Releases 2018-19 Course Catalog

February 13, 2018

In the 2018-19 school year, MSON will offer 34 courses, eight of which are newly developed by talented faculty at our member schools. New courses represent our commitment to high-level coursework for our most advanced students, taking them beyond courses that are traditionally offered. Advanced science and math students may explore Linear Algebra and Quantum Mechanics or take a course on scientific literature that will prepare them for careers in scientific research. Humanities offerings include Modernism followed by a semester focused on James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” considered one of the best (and most inscrutable) work of the 20th century and certainly not a traditional high school offering. “Ethics in the Digital Age” and “Debate Local, Think Global” will engage students in philosophy, argumentation, and rhetoric through a contemporary lens; the debate course will allow students to focus in on issues related to a particular geographic region as well (in this case, the city of Detroit). Finally, Music Theory represents the first time we have aimed to teach music in the online format, and we look forward to charting new territory in that area.