For the fifth year, members of the MSON community convened at Stanford University this June for the program’s Annual Workshop. Over four days, teachers, Academic Liaisons, and Technical Liaisons new to MSON were oriented and trained for the school year ahead, and returning members of the community joined in discussions on improving teaching, revising program policies, the future of independent school education, and much more. The group, which included 12 teachers, 8 Academic Liaisons, 2 Technical Liaisons, and 4 MSON staff, built strong relationships that persist through the school year. Sessions included:
  • Be a Synchronous MSON Student
  • My First Day: Orienting Students to Your Class
  • Internal Marketing of MSON
  • Policies and Practices for MSON Academic Liaisons
  • Engaging, Collaborative Student Work
  • MSON From the Student Perspective
  • Making Use of Students’ Diversity
Feedback on the Workshop was terrific, and 100% of respondents said they would encourage others in the MSON community to attend. Participants wrote:
  • “This has been one of the best workshops that I’ve ever attended.”
  • “To have an opportunity to connect and grow professionally with a group of like minded people is such a motivating experience.”
  • “The amount of collaboration and professional development that I received at this workshop was invaluable.”