Our Teachers

MSON teachers are grounded in independent school education and share a commitment to excellence, small class sizes, and personal relationships. They are experts in their fields; many have taught at the college level. They are invited to develop MSON courses through a selective process. MSON teachers prepare their courses throughout the spring and summer with support from the MSON Dean of Instruction and attend a multi-day training at Stanford University.

Meet our Teachers

Farha Abu Baker

Arabic I & II

Joseph Addison

Native American Literature

John Aden

Diversity in a Global Comparative Perspective

Erika Amaya

Multivariable Calculus

Mary Ellen Carsley

Building Utopia

Susan Conley

Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop

George Dalbo

Man's Inhumanity to Man

J.D. DeVaughn-Brown

Data Structures and Design Patterns

John French

Wartime Dissent in American History

Benson Hawk

Sugar, Tobacco, Iron, and Silicon: An Economic History of the United States

Dan Jacobs

Think Global, Debate Local

Ellen Johnson

Making Ethical Medical Choices in a Diverse World & Environmental Bioethics

Blake Keogh

Positive Psychology

Joyce Lazier

Making Ethical Medical Choices in a Diverse World & Philosophy in Pop Culture

Michael Leary

Are We Rome?

Page Lennig

Explorations in Computer Science

Lan Lin

Chinese V

Joshua Link

Multivariable Calculus

Carrie Lopez


Dean Masullo

Bob Dylan's America

Julia Maxey

Creative Writing in the Digital Age

Julien H. Meyer III

Advanced Math Topics: Finance, Advanced Macroeconomics, Advanced Microeconomics

Kaveh Niazi

Arabic I

Jay Noland

A Mathematical Approach to Social Justice

Jocelyn Rodgers

Intro to Organic Chemistry & Advanced Topics in Chemistry

David Seward

Etymology of Scientific Terms

Lindley Shutz

The American Food System: Past, Present, Future

Ben Taylor

Einstein's Relativity and the Evolution of the Quantum Model

Briana Titus

Ancient Greek I

Weslie Wald

Adv. Spanish Linguistics & Adv. Spanish Through Film and Literature

Geoff Wagg

Political Identity, American Democracy, and Civic Engagement

Audrey Yaeger

Genetics and Genomics